Proving Most Of Revelation
Is Fulfilled

By Bill -

Revelation 16:15
Behold I come as a thief. Blessed is he who watches and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame.

What does this verse prove? It proves that the Rapture still had not yet come, even after the 6 bowls of wrath had been poured out earlier in the chapter. This is also after the Revelation 6 seals and Revelation 8 and 9 trumpets, so obviously, after all that, he still hadn’t come, but the Futurists, they claim Christ comes BEFORE these events happen. They say the Rapture happens before Revelation 3:10 or in Revelation chapter 5, but here we are all the way back in Revelation 16, proving that the Rapture takes place after Rev 16, not in Revelation chapter 5.

Some Christians would say, that's talking about the 2nd coming, not the rapture, but it says behold I come as a thief…. That describes the Rapture because they say its secret, like a thief, and not loud and visible like the second coming. So the Futurists here disprove themselves.

Now to confirm this again from scripture, Revelation chapter 18 also proves our case.

Revelation 18:4 says And I heard another voice from Heaven, saying Come out of her my people, that you be not partakers of her sins and that you receive not of her plagues.

Why would Christ need to tell his people to come out of her,  if they were being pre trib raptured before the massive destruction of modern day Babylon? The Futurists here, are so very well disproven. Even all the way back in Revelation 18:4, the Rapture hadn't come yet.

Again, this proves almost all of Revelation comes to pass before the rapture/resurrection, not after it. You see, we historicists say the seals, trumpets and 6 bowls of wrath have already been fulfilled and we can show it, in the major events of history, but the Futurists  say none of those things have been fulfilled yet because they say,  weve still yet to hit Revelation chapter 5, even after a whole 1900 years since Revelation was given.  

Since the Futurists are always claiming,  the Rapture imminent and is about to take place at any time now, then that puts us into Revelation 18, not way back in Revelation 5, since we've proven from Rev 16 and 18, that the Rapture hasn't yet taken place.

    Revelation 18 is about to fulfill before the Rapture, with World War Three coming and there is much evidence to that at, for it to start, in 2025, next year.

   We see here in this meme, accurately portraying the correct chronology of events. First Rev 18 destruction of modern day babylon happens, then in Revelation 19, it shows we are at the marriage supper of the lamb, so in order for that to happen, the rapture must take place. Then after the marriage supper, he comes back to judge the earth, clearly shown in the rest of Revelation 19.

    So Christian, you have to re think the verse that says we are not appointed to wrath and that is true, but while some of these judgments are called wrath, its really just judgments of God coming, not his direct wrath. His direct wrath will be after the Rapture and at his second coming, but there are indirect wrath of God judgments that have happened through out history, fulfilling most of Revelation.

     As a Christian, you can’t think in a hardline western mind set, literalist way. The book of Revelation is highly symbolic and metaphorical, bringing real judgments to the earth, which cannot be classified as a direct wrath of God. If some Christians are caught in a judgment of God thru other nations, as he did to Israel over and over in the past, then that is just an unfortunate temporary bad situation they were caught in.

It is needful for the body of Christ to wake up and realize, Revelation 18 is upon us. You need to forsake looking for the wrong things in prophecy and start focusing in on looking for the right things in prophecy… and that is, that here in the US, were gonna have a civil war soon and when you see that begin, then know, the Russian and Chinese WW3 bombing of the US is about to begin.

That’s why you need to store food and other supplies you're gonna need, for at least a year or 2 during the war. Then the Lord Jesus comes at the 6000th year, which by our extremely researched evidence, points to 2028.

   Also, the other video here messiah 2030 vs Messiah 2028 thoroughly disprove the popular Messiah 2030 video. Our research at can prove all things to you…. Float around that site, click the links and learn anew, that most of the book of Revelation has already been fulfilled. And now, its time to watch for Revelation I8, the fall of modern day Babylon, then he comes, at, the 6ooo the year. God bless your learning and research at and